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Bellandur Lake

Sobha Dream Acres Bellandur Lake

Located in South east part of Bangalore, Largest lake of city covering a range of 148 sq km.(37,00 acres).With its geographical location situated with an elevation of 921 m from the sea level it was been reservoir for some lake up streams and maintaining the under ground water level in this area.

Turning back the history of the lake we get some pleasant feeling considering the role played by the lake in maintain the environmental chain few decades ago, by then which was a major shelter for species of many kinds such as King cobra, Rat snakes , Monitor lizards etc…. along with the green belt covered which was hot spot for the class Avies(Birds) Kingfishers parrots Kites, etc..

Impact of Urbanization with ongoing to fulfill the requirements and greed of Humans has cost the lake to lose its glory, forcing the fauna which was previously dwelling to change habitats. Residential and Commercial activities in and around the region has resulted in increasing the silt deposition in and the Surrounding location of lake has been major cause for loss of under-ground water recharge.

Untreated sewage (crossing 400 million litres a day)shaking the neutralizing ability of lake which has been the major treat for the existence of the lake ,resulting in eutrophication which is major treat for the environmental balance.

In spite of many steps taken by the localities and some environmental activists namely CH RAM BBMP has not taken any serious action to the control the flow untreated sewage and disposal from Industries and Residences although its has covered the lake by Fencing around its shores and cleaning campaign which was held during 2010, If current situation continues ,in near future Bangalore would loss its trade mark of Garden city to the crown of The Garbage City.