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Sobha Dream Series
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Sobha Dream Series

Sobha Ltd which has been the actual synonym for quality and prompt delivery granted by their customers who have been pleased with the trust which has been kept up till date. This odyssey made in through the past two decades with some admirable work has eventually resulted in many satisfactory outcomes.

Backed with the immense experience gathered upon from their previous projects with equal proportion of interest given to improve the positives and to rectify the negatives retrieved from them has always been the major factor that would shine throughout their voyage of whole luxurious establishments made for which they has been the trade mark.

All though this adventure has brought along many outstanding images added into their gallery, but has an missing element, Projects which has been symbol of glory and exorbitant habitat would always be away from the reach of common men who can never spend even whole of his savings in one shot to spend his rest of life in any of such image.

Dream series is one such release, which has main focus on such part of society dreaming on above but not been fulfilled. In order to fulfill the above dream a plan has been implemented by them which is based on three faces Legacy, Quality and Technology merging towards the apex of goal to be reached