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Sobha Precast Technology
Sobha Precast Technology

Sobha Precast Technology

Although Real Estate business would fetch a huge income in all seasons, But not away from the risk of scarcity in labour and increase of expense due to delay in time and sometimes due to fluctuation in the supply of raw materials needed in time also on the quality of the composition made from the ever changing raw materials.

The traditional methods of brick-mortar methods would take a long time even for any small level constructions to be finished. This is also influenced by the climate changes, the availability of labors along with adequate raw materials with in time which can't be guaranteed always during regular site management process.

This technology ensure quality by verification of every material that would pass through various examines defined before it is made a part involved into the main structure and also can influence innovative designs which can undergo up gradation sometimes may not be possible from regular method.

Added to this time factor would be the major advantage comparing to the real time method which has a huge difference in the ratio comparison in such constructions along with value for money would be guaranteed.

Hence above technology would ensure quality and reduction in time spent, it has major problem of huge initial investment to be made and the skilled expertise required to manage the process.

Sobha Developers would be proud to incorporate this new technology which has now been introduced in their Dream Series project- Sobha Dream Acres. Although this imported technology was first introduced into our country by Super tech precast Technology Private limited, which has its technology unit set up Greater noida.